becky ripple edgeHi- I’m Becky.  I’m a pattern designer and quilter. I have always been interested in journaling and keeping track of projects, ideas and inspiration.  The Patchwork Planner & Journal is all about building and designing a history of our quilts and projects.

The Patchwork Planner is a combination of a lot of hours making busy thoughts and ideas come to life.  Each page has been thoughtfully designed to make the most of the space and gather the important information allowing you to quickly print and fill out.

Many of the pages have been added because of what I have looked for or wanted to use, but it just wasn’t out there.  The idea of making our own journal and planner that works for each of us individually is why it’s a simple pdf.  It’s easy to save to the computer and refer to when needed.  Print off as many as you need.

If you have any suggestions for additions to the planner – I’d love to hear it!  Please drop me a note and let me know.

Here’s to many years of remembering what we did, when we did it and who we stitched it for.

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