Patchwork Planner & Journal


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The Patchwork Planner and Journal:

Over 30 pages to help you plan and journal your quilting and sewing experience. You’ll find Journal pages, tracking your project progress sheets, exploring designs in quilt blocks and quilts, organizational printables, quick reference resource and more. It’s up to you what pages you’d like to print, and how many of each as well. Use a 3 ring binder or folder to keep them organizes- design your own book.

You’ll find the pages are editable! That means that you can type your info into the areas using your computer and print it out all filled out- and ready to put into the binder!  OR you can print and hand write them….you decide!

This planner has been designed to be customized by you! You’ll be able to quickly view the whole planner in pdf format. Make note of the pages you’d like to start using and print off those pages. Punch holes in the side and place in chosen binder. Save the planner to your computer for future reference and printing. Again, you can choose which pages and how many of each you’d like to build your planner and journal with. You’ll find the planner only in black and white and fairly simple layout. This is so the information is easy to read and find. Feel free to add your own color and designs along the way.

The Planner and Journal cover five categories:

  • The quilt journal pages
  • Be your own designer
  • Tracking and progress
  • Keeping organized
  • Additional Resources

– Click on images to preview full size some pages from the Planner & Journal –

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The Quilt Journal and Planner Pages:

This is where you’ll find a few pages that offer places to keep track of important information about your quilts.

  • Fabrics uses, batting, size, etc for the quilt you are working on
  • Cut list
  • Journal layout pages
  • Quilt progress sheet
  • Quilt kit checklist

Be your own designer:

Included in this section are graph paper, large 9 patch and 16 patch quilt blocks – you can give your hand at coming up with a layout yourself!

  • There’s a spot for details and naming of your new block as well as fabric choices, placement spots and size requirements.
  • A full page of graph paper allows you to take your idea to a quilt
  • Quilt block & planner page for those details your drawings don’t show.
  • Sketch out your inspiration, make notes and details for future reference.

Tracking and Progress:

As quilters we love to explore and share with others- which brings us to multiple orphan projects, swaps we are involved in, quilt alongs, and even projects from our quilt groups.

These pages will help you keep all that information in one spot.  You can track your progress of steps, fabrics you have chosen, where to go for the next step, dates, timeline, and of course spots for additional notes as well to track any changes up updates made.

Keeping Organized:

Making progress on your projects doesn’t happen very easily if you aren’t a little bit organized in your sewing space.  Here you’ll find swatch cards – both for your home and for taking to the shop, fabric wraps for keeping small bundles marked and folded nice and quilt labels.

Included as well are spines for binders – a few different sizes, so you can mark your Patchwork Planner and Journal for quick access.

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