Quilt Planner Printables

16 Days of Free Quilt Planner Printables

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Right before the beginning of the year, I was finally moved into my new sewing space (remodel of the home caused me not to move in).  This made me realize how many projects I had going.  Many started, not finished…or I was reminded of some wonderful projects that I had completely forgotten about!

This year I’m excited to extend the Patchwork Planner & Journal to help out all of you out there who are in the same boat– in the Patchwork Planner CLUB.

To give it a good welcome, the 16 days of free quilt planner printables will start!  I can’t wait to share these quilt printables with you!

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If you like these printables, then I know you’ll love the Patchwork Planner Club.

The club has a LARGE & GROWING library of pretty printables PLUS we’re adding new ones pages EVERY SINGLE MONTH, based on what members request– and it INCLUDES the original planner which is editable on your computer + 3 mini collections!

Here’s an index of the printables.

Day One:  Daily To Do

Day Two:  Quilting Goals

Day Three: Make a Quilt Kit

Day Four:  Project Planner

Day Five: Supplies Tracker

Day Six: Blank Tracker

Day Seven: Book Marks & Labels

Day Eight: Sewing Projects

Day Nine: Sticky Labels

Day Ten: Quilt Journal Page

Day Eleven: Class List and Schedule

Day Twelve: Quilt Retreat Packing List

Day Thirteen: Projects Timeline

Day Fourteen: Monthly Quilt Projects Printable

Day Fifteen: Note Pad Printable

Day Sixteen: Daily Sewing Tracking