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2020 Patchwork Planner – Digital Version

  • simple design that inspires and allows for your own creative additions

  • full monthly calendars with traditional box layout – giving you space to quickly note sewing days, retreats and when you’d like to have projects completed. Starts on a Sunday!

  • plenty of note and brainstorm space

  • “year-at-a-glance” spread with space to write projects you’d like to work on each month

  • 3 monthly “project breakdown” pages designed to help you complete large quilts / sewing projects as well as track progress, events and notes

  • 2 “reflect and goal-set” pages designed to encourage you to plan out what techniques or interests you want to learn during the year

  • 1 page for listing your finishes for the year- by the end you’ll love seeing how many things you have completed!

  • Blooming Basket 2020 Quilt Along- every month you’ll have your assignment, by the end of the year you’ll have your quilt top complete! 

  • + more pages that will help you organize your projects and keep track of your progress.