Project Planner – it’s a Challenge!

Staring in June 2016 we will be launching Project Planner — it’s a Challenge!  Are you in?

I’m one that loves sharing with others –only to see how other’s use or sew or explore on their own. I am always floored by some ideas and different things that come up when we all start with the same jumping point.

The planner is no exception.  So far, seeing how everyone is incorporating it into their life and projects has been awesome.  I love the new thoughts and ideas and ways that you are all using them!  I really can’t wait for this challenge to start to see more of it!!

The challenge is based on the Patchwork Planner & Journal – you will need this to participate – All the pages that are covered in the challenge are in the planner.  You will not be needing to purchase anything additional.  In addition to the planner though, you will be sent a monthly calendar with project checklist – you can use this however you’d like…and even to keep track of the challenge for the month!

Because the planner is for everyone, no matter the subject matter of your project, there is no requirement for your projects to be quilts.  They can be other items like bags, table runners, hot pads…whatever! You use the pages how you’d like with your projects.  No need to switch gears just for this.

The planner is broken down into sections- the challenge won’t be following these sections.  It will be focusing on one or a couple of pages at a time with the subject mentioned below.  We might be hopping around to hit the holiday tracker in November….kind of things like that. But again, it’s all from the planner and nothing else.

patchwork planner and journal challenge 400

Pick up the planner right here:


How do you join the challenge?

1) purchase the patchwork planner & journal -after purchase you’ll be automatically added to the monthly calendars + challenges

2) join the Patchwork Planner & Quilting community group

3) follow the challenge prompts (they will be posted in the group as well as sent to your email)

4) to enter the drawing you’ll need to make sure your planner page is seen in your photo you share in the group. That’s your entry ticket!

5) one entry per person per challenge (but you are free to share additional finished shots of the challenge topic)

stitching line

Here are the topics we will be hitting and the timeline:

journaling pages- track your finished projects 1 june
finish a quilt from start to finish- use the quilt progress tracking sheet 2 july
quilt kits– make your own! get those projects organized 3 august
play with design– use the quilt blocks, grid and layout plans for your next project 4 sept
quilt along tracker  5 october
gift tracker- anyone making handmade for the holidays? 6 november
quilt labels- either hand stitch, draw with marker or print and applique… 7 december
inventory time! Keep track of what you have…and what you need! 8 january
show us your swatches! 9 february
join a swap and track it!  10 march
pick your own page 11 april
folding and wrapping your fabric storage ideas- can hook into 30 days of organization 12 may

We are so excited to get started!

Here are some images you can share on your blog or social media:

patchwork planner and journal challenge 200

200px X 200px

patchwork planner and journal challenge

300px X 300 px

patchwork planner and journal challenge 400

400px X 400px

link your images to this page:

It’s funner with others!

Have a friend who’s perfect for this?  Send them over here to pick up the planner & details of the challenge:

Pick up the planner right here: