Daily Sew Challenge

So- will you join me in a little something?

I’m not sure how long we’ll go….I’m hoping for the year because they do say after 13 days, it becomes habit.

But for at least 3 months I’m going to sew everyday.
I’m not giving myself a timed time or time limit.
I’m just saying that every day I will sew something.

That something will or might include: hand stitching, embroidery, button attachment or mending, quilt blocks, machine quilting….. anything with a needle counts. Maybe a quick project or something I make using an orphan quilt block.

To keep things easy….. we are going to be using the Daily Sew Printable!

(you’ll find it in the 16 free printable download- sign up here to get access to it!)

You can follow the progress on Instagram

(which I’m starting to use more and this sharing every day will help me be more active there as well!)

I will also be pushing those over to the facebook page and free group…so you can follow along there if you following those.

If you are interested in joining this crazy journey with me, you are officially invited.

Share your pictures on facebook or Instagram – use the hashtag:


so we can see them all as a collective.
I really am almost giddy about this.
It gives me a ‘reason’ to do something that I love and I look forward to making some progress on some long awaited and begged for quilts (it’s coming Eliza!) and possibly starting a few new projects as well.
There is no formal agreement to sign– let’s just get busy.
No more chatting, there is sewing to be done.